Sunday, June 10, 2012

Prophecy ---Prediction

1. True or false? According to Zephaniah, the day of the Lord would be a time of judgment on the sons of Israel, which would have little effect on gentile nations.

2. Multiple choice: What kind of people would populate  Jerusalem according to Zephaniah after the day of the Lord? (a) Survivalists; (b) the righteous and holy; or (c) the meek and humble.

3. According to Haggai, how would the glory of the rebuilt temple compare to that of  Solomon?
(a) It would be greater; (b) It would be less; or (c) it would be the same.

1. False. The gentile nations are singled out for specific punishments, too. (Zeph 2:4--15 ).

2. (c) The meek and humble (Zeph. 3:12 )

3. (a) It would be greater (Hag. 2:9 ).

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