Saturday, June 9, 2012


1. True or false? Like many of the psalms, the book of Habakkuk begins with questions about God's ways but ends with explicit confidence in Him.

2. Multiple choice : What did Habakkuk call his response to God in chapter 3?  (a) prayer; (b) a complaint; or (c) a doxology.

3. True or false? Although the day of the Lord in Zephaniah is a time of terrible judgment, it includes blessing after Judgment.

1. True ( Hab. 1:2,13; 3:17--19).

2. (a) prayer (Hab. 3:1 ). Habakkuk's prayer focused on God's person and His activity on behalf of His people.

3.True (Zeph. 3:8--20 ).

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Sue said...

I love the book of Habakkuk, and all of the Old Testament prophets. I got a score of 100% today. Thanks for sharing, I have been off line this week and really miss it when I am gone. Thanks for taking the time to share.