Saturday, June 23, 2012


1. Multiple choice:In the valley of Hinnom just outside Jerusalem was a place where human sacrifice was practiced. What did Isaiah and Jeremiah call this place?(a) Gehenna; (b) Tophet; or (c) Sheol

2. Sennacherib of Assyria took all the cities of Judah but Jerusalem. Which fortified city of Judah was his base of attack on Jerusalem? (a) Hebron; (b) Lachish; or (c) Adullam.

3. True or false? The Rabshakeh delivered Sennacherib's  terms for the surrender of Jerusalem to Hezekiah at a secret high level governmental meeting attended by Isaiah.

1. (b)Tophet (  Is. 30:33; Jer. 7:31,32; 19).

2. (b) Lachish (Is. 36:2) Lachish was southwest of Jerusalem and afforded approach to the capital city.

3. False. The message was read publicly to destroy Hebrew morale (Is. 36:11-13).

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Sue said...

OH! my goodness, Only one right today, I really thought i had all right! Thanks for sharing.
I really miss this blog when I am off line, and that has been a lot this summer.