Wednesday, June 20, 2012


1. True or false?  In Galilee of the Gentiles, Isaiah said the Israelites walked in darkness.

2. Multiple Choice: In Isaiah, which nation did God call "the rod of My anger And the staff {of}---My indignation"? (a) Babylon; (b) Assyria; or (c) Egypt.

3. Which nation did Isaiah prophesy against in the year King Ahaz died? (a) Babylon; (b) Persia; or (c) Philistia.

1. True (Is. 9:1,2 ). Apparently the heavy gentile population had influenced the Israelite majority away from devotion to the truth of the Lord.

2. (b) Assyria (Is. 10:5). God had employed Assyria to punish Israel, but in Isaiah's day, it was Assyria that could expect the wrath of God.

3. (c) Philistia (Is. 14:28, 29).

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