Friday, June 8, 2012


1. Sentence completion: Micah looked forward to the Lord's restoration of Israel when, "You will cast all our sins Into -------".

2. True or false? Nahum predicted joy over Assyria's destruction because of her record of cruelty.

3. Multiple choice: Habakkuk is written  as dialogue. Who are the two speakers? (a) Habakkuk and Nebuchadnezzar; (b) Judah and the Lord; (c) Habakkuk and the Lord.

1. "The depths of the sea" (Mic. 7:19 )

2. True. (Nah. 3:19 ). "All who hear of you will clap their hands over you, For  upon whom has not your wickedness passed continually"

3. (c) Habakkuk and the Lord (Hab. 1-3).

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