Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ancient sundial from a ancient Roman City in Thracia.

1. Multiple choice: How many years did the Lord add to King Hezekiah's life in response to his prayer? (a) Five; (b) fifteen; or (c) twenty.

2. True or false? The Lord added fifteen years to the life of godly King Hezekiah, and they were the best years of his reign.

3. Multiple choice: What nation sent letters and a present of congratulations  when King Hezekiah recovered from his illness? (a) Babylon; (b) Egypt; or (c) Lebanon.

1. (b) Fifteen (Is. 38:5 ). The shadow  backed up ten degrees on the royal sundial as a sign from God that Hezekiah's life would be extended (v. 8).

2. False.  Hezekiah foolishly paved the way for the Babylonian conquest of Judah (Is. 39 ).

3. (a) Babylon (Is. 39:1 ). This contact led to Babylonian interest in conquering Judah for her wealth (vv.2,6 ).

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