Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Multiple choice: During the reign of King Ahaz, Judah was troubled by Israel in alliance with another nation. What was that nation whose fall Isaiah predicted would coincide with a special birth? (a) Philistia; (b) Edom; or (c) Syria.

2. Which prophet named a son Maher- Shalal- Hash- Baz? (a) Hosea; (b) Isaiah; or (c) Joel.

3. What empire captured Damascus and Samaria before Isaiah's son was old enough to speak? (a)Assyria; (b) Babylon; (c) Greece.

1. (c) Syria (Is. 7:1, 16 ).

2. (b) Isaiah (Is. 8:3 ).

3. (a) Assyria (Is. 8:4 ).

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