Thursday, June 21, 2012


1. Multiple choice: Which nation did Isaiah  tell would meet judgment within three years? (a) Moab; (b) Philistia; or (c) Syria.

2. True or false? Isaiah used the name Zoan as a synonym for Egypt.

3. Multiple choice: When the Assyrians captured a certain city, the Lord sent Isaiah to walk naked through Judah as a sign that Egypt  would be stripped bare. What  was the nearby city? (a) Samaria; (b) Ashdod; or (c) Petra.

1. (a) Moab (Is. 16:14 ).

2. True (Is. 19:11, 13; 30:2-4 ).

3. (b) Ashdod (Is. 20:1,2 ).

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