Friday, June 29, 2012


1. Multiple choice: Jeremiah observed that prophets prophesied falsely and their priests ruled by their own power. How did the people feel about this condition? (a) They loved it; (b) they abhorred it; or (c) they feared for their lives.

2. True or false? According to Jeremiah, the nations around Judah were more loyal to their false gods then Judah was to their true God.

3. Miltiple choice: In his first sermon concerning Judah's willful sinning, Jeremiah, tells them that they have as many gods as they have: (a) Rivers; (b) cities; or (c) tribes.  

1. (a) They loved it (Jer. 5:31).

2. True (Jer. 2:11).

3. (b) Cities (Jer. 2:29).

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Sue said...

Thanks for sharing, Patsy, two right today.