Saturday, February 25, 2012


1. Multiple choice:  Psalm 19 finds the psalmist asking God to cleanse him  from  what kind of faults?
(a) Habitual faults; (b) secret faults; or (c) harmful faults.

2. True or false?:  According to Psalm 22, the psalmist believed that the very first time he had to trust the Lord was while in battle.

3. Multiple choice: In Psalm 22, the enemies of the psalmist are likened to what two  animals? (a)
Wolves and foxes; (b) snakes and jackals; or (c) bulls and lions.

1. (b) Secret faults (Ps. 19:12 ). Those sins we tend to hide are the ones which have the greatest
hold on us and are most destructive.

2. False. He trusted when first born and nursing at his mother's breasts (Ps. 22:9 )

3.(c) Bulls and lions (Ps. 22:12,13 ). The bull is a symbol of strength and the lion a symbol of strength and fierceness,

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