Monday, February 6, 2012


1. Multiple choice: Which of Job's sons was giving a party for his brothers and sisters when they were killed?  (a) The youngest; (b) the middle one ; or (c) the oldest.

2. Which of these is not away Job's livestock was killed  when Satan attempted to turn Job against God?  (a) A great wind; (b) Sabean raiders; or (c) the fire of God from heaven.

3. When Satan attempted to turn Job against God ,how did he kill Job's seven sons and three daughters?  (a) A great wind collapsed their house; (b) a fire burned their house; or  (c) Chalbean raiders attacked their house.

1. The oldest (Job 1:13 )  This was merely coincidental since they feasted daily on a rotating schedule among the seven sons (v.4 )

2.(a) A great wind (Job 1: 14-17 ).

3. (a)  A great wind collapsed their house (Job 1:19 ).

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