Monday, February 13, 2012


1. True or false: Job may be the earliest book of the Bible.

2. Fill in the blank: In Psalm 1, the godly man is described as delighting and meditating "in the
---------  of the Lord."

3. Multiple choice: Psalm 2 speaks of the nations counseling together against the Lord and  His
Anointed. What will be the initial response of the Lord? (a) Anger; (b) fear; or (c) laughter.

1. True. The role of Job as a patriarchal priest suggests an era before the Law and priesthood. The use of Shaddai as a frequent name for God points to a pre- Mosaic date.

2. "Law"  (Ps. 1:2 ). It is impossible to be godly if one does not love the Word of God.

3. (c) Laughter (Ps. 2:4 )

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