Sunday, March 25, 2012


1.True or false?  The book of Proverbs probably  existed in its present from in Solomon's lifetime.

2.  Multiple choice: In Proverbs, what does "becoming surety for" someone mean?
(a) Cosigning a loan; (b) checking out a story; or (c) being a character witness.

3. True or false? There are several proverbs directed specifically to governmental leaders.

1. False. Hezekiah's men collected chapters 25 to 29.

2. (a) Cosigning a loan (Prov. 6:1; 11:15 ).

3. True (Prov.16:10 -15; 25:5-7; 31:4,5 ).  The writers of Proverbs were, in the cases of Solomon and
Lemuel, kings who cared  about the wisdom of future rulers.

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