Tuesday, March 6, 2012


1  Question: Psalm 72:20 reads, "The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended." Which one of the five books of Psalms in the Psalter concludes with this verse?

2. In Psalm73, the psalmist wrestles with the problem of how God can allow the wicked to prosper. He finds the solution to this difficulty  when he meets God where?

3. Multiple choice: In Psalm 74, the psalmist tells of the Lord's control over His creation. In verse 14, he speaks of the Lord breaking the heads of a sea monster. What name is given this creature? (a) Great Eel; (b) Neanderthal; or (c) Leviathan.

1. Book Two. This verse was most likely added by an editor after collecting many of the Davidic psalms together and placing them in order.

2. In the sanctuary (Ps. 73:17 ).

3. (c) Leviathan (Ps. 74: 14 ).

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