Thursday, March 1, 2012


1.Fill in the blanks: In contrasting the righteous and wicked, Psalm 37 states, The wicked ------- and does not repay, But the righteous show -------- and gives."

2.Multiple choice: In Psalm 39, the psalmist makes the significant statement that "every man in his best state is but " what? (a) Dirt; (b) vapor; or (c) body.

3. How many psalms are included in Book One of the entire book of Psalms? (a) Fifty-one; (b) forty-one; or (c) thirty-five.

1. Borrows-------mercy  (Ps. 37:21 ). Righteousness is always demonstrated in practical godly living.

2. (b) Vapor (Ps. 39:5 ).

3. (b) Forty-one.

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