Thursday, March 8, 2012


1. Multiple choice : What psalm is attributed to Moses? (a) Psalm 80; (b) Psalm 90; or (c) Psalm 119.

2. In Psalm 89, the psalmist pleads for God to deliver Israel based upon His covenant with whom?
(a) Abraham; (b) Moses; or (c) David.

3. Question: Who quoted Psalm 91:11, 12 as recorded in Matthew 4:6?  The beginning line is , "For He shall give His angels charge over you."

1. (b) Psalm 90 (Title ). When read in this light, Psalm 90 takes on new meaning. If anyone understood the briefness of life it was Moses as he witnessed large numbers of people dying in the wilderness.

2. (c) David  (Ps. 89:20-37, 49). The Davidic covenant is found in 2 Samuel 7:16.

3. Satan (Ps. 91:11,12; Matt. 4:6). This was during the temptation of Christ in the wilderness.

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