Saturday, March 17, 2012


1. Multiple choice: What psalm vividly describes how God was present even as the psalmist was formed in his mother's womb?
(a) Psalm 103; (b) Psalm  119; or (c) Psalm 139.

2. Question: How many psalms are  contained  in the book of Psalms?

3. Multiple choice:  Psalm 150 exhorts us to praise God with musical instruments. How many instruments are specifically mentioned? (a) Ten; (b) eight; or (c) six.

1. (c) 139 (Ps. 139:15, 16 ). This psalm declares that the worth of an individual comes from God and not from an individuals abilities, looks, or material possessions.

2. One hundred fifty. They cover a time span from Moses to the return from the Exile under Ezra and Nehemiah.

3. (b) Eight (Ps. 150:3--5 ). Israel's worship was not a quiet affair. It was full of enthusiasm. For a description of Israel's  celebration and worship, read Nehemiah 12: 27--43.

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