Wednesday, March 7, 2012


1.  Multiple choice:  What is described as "angel' food" in Psalm 78 ?  (a) Honey; (b) manna; or (c) a pomegranate.

2.Moses struck the rock in the wilderness and water came out. To what does the psalmist in Psalm 78 liken the volume of water that came forth? (a) Creeks; (b) rivers; or (c) trickles.

3. Of what person does the psalmist say that "The enemy shall not outwit him"? (a) Solomon; (b) Moses; or (c) David.

1. (b) Manna (Ps. 78:24,25 ), perhaps because of its supernatural origin.

2. (b) Rivers (Ps. 78:16 ).

3. (c) David (Ps. 89:20, 22 ).

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Marydon said...

I took a shot on one but got the other 2.

Hope you & Bennie are doing well, my friend.

Looking forward to digging in the dirt ~