Monday, January 30, 2012

Wisdom and Instruction

1.  Multiple choice: What does the book of Proverbs mean when it says a worthless person spreads discord with the wink of his eye, the shuffle of his feet, and the pointing of his finger ?  (a) Body language  can convey  contempt; (b) fools have a code of signals; or (c) he irritates people with his foolishness.

2. True or false?  From  the perspective of the book of Proverbs, a person who talks  a lot is more likely to be foolish than wise.

3. According to Proverbs, family relationships make interpersonal problems easier to resolve.

1. (a) Body language can convey contempt  (Prov. 6:12-14 ) A wicked and worthless  person learns  this and uses body language to bring pleasure to others who enjoy laughing at people.

2. True (Prov. 10:14, 19; 17:27,28 ). Wisdom is restrained, but folly is unbridled.

3. False. Family relationships intensify interpersonal problems  (Prov. 17:21; 18:19; 21:9 )

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