Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Fill in the blanks:  It does no good to try to hide in the dark from God because -------- shines as the
-------- to  God .

2. Multiple choice: The psalmist , in Psalm 139, marvels that God's (a) Blessings; (b) thoughts; or
(c) stars are more numerous then the sand.

3. According to Psalm 139, what were written in God's book before they came into existence? (a) Names of people to be born; (b) descritions of peoples daily lives; or (c) names of kings of Israel.

1. Night---day (Psalm 139 :12)

2.(b) Thoughts (Psalm 139: 17,18 ) 

3.   (b) descriptions of peoples daily lives (Psalm 139: 16 )


Marydon said...

So enjoy your q&a, Patsy.

Hope you & Bennie are doing well.
Have a lovely day ~

Patsy said...

Thank you Marydom, the Bennie is so much better and I am fine.