Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wisdom and Instruction

1. True or false?  According to Proverbs, a wise person will reason with and rebuke a scoffer to help him change.

2.  In Proverbs, a fool is someone who is pleased wih  his opinions and impatient with the advice of anyone else.

3." Stolen water is sweet, And bread eaten in secret is pleasant."

1. False (Prov. 9 :7, 8; 13:1; 15:12). Rebuke of a scoffer will only lead to shame and hatred as the scoffer makes life hard for one.

2. True (Prov. 1: 7; 9 : 8; 12 :15; 15:5)

3. False  This line belongs to a fool in Proverbs, It has enough truth in it to tempt us to believe it (Prov. 9: 13-18 ).

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