Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice:  What does the expression "Pride goes before destruction" mean? (a) When a person's pride is gone, he will fail; (b) pride prepares the way for destruction; or (c) pride and destruction cannot be in the same place.

2. True or false? The book of Proverbs teaches that one should be kind to enemies, not taking pleasure in their failures but helping meet  their basic needs.

3. The book of Proverbs  teaches that fair weather friends are many but true friends are few.

1.(b) Pride prepares the way for destruction (Prov.16:18 ).

2.True (Prov. 24: 17, 18; 25: 21,22 ). Revenge belongs to God , so only He has a right to bring anything but good into a person's life.

3. True   Prov. 14: 20; 17: 17; 18: 24; 19: 4, 6,7).

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