Monday, January 16, 2012

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: As the psalmist considers the brevity of life in Psalm 144, he says, "Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing: (a) Day; (b) shadow; or (c) sigh."

2.  Fill in the blank:  Sensing the greatness of God , the psalmist exalts, He counts the number of the
---------; He calls them all by name.

3.  Multiple choice:  To what did Solomon in Proverbs compare a son's obedience to the wisdom of his parents ?  (a) Money in the bank; (b) winning a prize; or (c) ornamental jewelry.

1. "Shadow" (Psalm 144: 4 )

2. " Stars" (Psalm 147: 4 ) God's naming the stars signifies that He  has authority over them.

3. (c) Ornamental jewelry (Prov. 1:8,9 ).

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