Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Widsom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: According to Proverbs, which one of these  is true?  (a) Violent men prosper unfairly; (b) there is honor among thieves; or (c) violent men do their worst violence against themselves.

2. In Proverbs , whose house and path leads down to death? (a) The immoral woman's, (b) Folly's; or (c) Violence's.

3. To what did Solomon compare the quest for Wisdom? (a) A game of chance; (b) a treasure hunt; (c) a

1.  (c) Violent men do their worst violence against themselves (Prov. 1: 17-19 ). This  stands in sharp contrast to the attitude of the violent that they can get away with their violence indefinitely (vv. 10-16).

2. (a) The immoral woman's (Prov. 2: 16-18 ). They lead to death by leaving the truth in favor of crooked ways (vv. 13-15 ).

3. (b) A treasure hunt (Prov. 2: 4 )

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