Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wisdom and Instruction

1.  Multiple choice: Which of these is Not a lesson the sluggard was to learn from the ant in Proverbs?
(a) Work when you aren't being watched; (b) don't spread gossip or (c) do things at the proper time.

2.  Question: What character in Proverbs folds his hands in sleep, stays home so a lion won't eat him, and turns on his bed like a door on its hinges?

3.  Multiple choice: What is the favorite activity of the sluggard in the book of Proverbs? (a)
Eating; (b) partying; or (c) sleeping.

1. (b) Don't spread gossip (Prov. 6 : 6-11 )

2.The sluggard (Prov. 6: 9,10; 22:13; 26:14 )

3. ( c) sleeping (Prov. 6: 9,10 ). Even eating is too strenuous an activity for the sluggard  (Prov.26 :15 ).

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Sue said...

Two out of three, today Patsy! should have gotten all, as dh and i read proverbs together regularly.
Enjoy your weekend.