Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wisdom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice:  According to Psalm 125: 2 , the Lord surrounds His people like the (a) walls; (b) mountains; or (c) priests.

(b) Mountains.

2. The psalmist knew that ultimately it was the Lord who protected Israel's cities. Therefore he wrote that unless the Lord guards the city, who stays awake in vain?  (a) The army; (b) the king; or (c) the watchman.

(c) The Watchman (Psalm 127 : 1 )

3. According to Psalm 127, the Lord gives a special gift to "His beloved" in the midst of a high pressure world. What is that gift? (a) Lots of money; (b) sleep; or (c) joy.

Sleep (b) 127: 2 )

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