Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Widsom and Instruction

1. Multiple choice: There are two woman in the first two chapters of Proverbs. One of them is Wisdom. Who is the other? (a) The seductress; (b) Knowledge; or (c) Folly.

2.  Proverbs 1 contains the major personification of the book. Who is this woman? (a) Israel; (b) Folly; or (c) Wisdom.

3.  True or false?  Solomon compared proverbs to enigmas and riddles.

1.  (a) seductress (Prov. 2: 16-19 ).  She is contrasted with Wisdom. Wisdom would enrich and prosper; the seductress would impoverish and destroy.

2.  (c) Wisdom   (Prov. 1: 20-33 ). Wisdom is portrayed as a concerned woman who  seeks  to help the simple. She cries aloud so that any who want her aid can find it.

3. True (Prov. 1: 6 ). His  point is not that proverbs are obscure or tricky but that effort  is required to  discern their significance for life.

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