Sunday, May 13, 2012


True or false? 1. Sword, famine, wild beasts, and pestilence-- these were the four severe judgments Ezekiel said God would send on Jerusalem "to cut off man and beast from it".

True. (Ezek. 14:21). In God's mercy, there would be a remnant saved from this severe judgment (v. 22).

2. Fill in the blank: Ezekiel described  God's giving up the inhabitants of Jerusalem to desolation as He gives "the wood of the ----------- - - - to the fire for fuel".

"Vine" (Ezek. 15:6)

3. Multiple choice:  Of what tree did Ezekiel say God would crop a tender twig and plant it on the mountain of Israel,
where it would grow, bear fruit, and under which every kind of bird would dwell? (a) Oak; (b) acacia; or (c) cedar.

(c) Cedar (Ezek. 17:22, 23 ). God  promised in this parable to save a remnant of Israel from which He will one day make a great nation.

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