Monday, May 21, 2012


1. Fill in the blank: Ezekiel prophesied, "The nations also will know that I,  the Lord, sanctify Israel, when My
---------- is in their midst forevermore."

2. Multiple choice: What did Ezekiel prophesy would take place in the land of Israel when Gog attacked it. to show God"s fury and wrath against Gog? (a) A great earthquake; (b) a great snowstorm;or (c) a plague of locusts.

3. The man in Ezekiel's vision who conducted the tour of the new temple had an appearance like what metal?
(a) Gold (b) bronze; or (c) silver.

1. "Sanctuary" (Ezek. 37:28 ). Ezekiel foresaw for Israel an eternal king and an eternal temple (vv. 25, 28).

2. (a) great earthquake (Ezek. 38:19 ).

3. (b) Bronze ( Ezek. 40:3 ).

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