Sunday, May 20, 2012


1. Multiple choice:Which of Ezekiel's signs signified that Israel and Judah would become one nation?
(a) The two sisters; (b) the two sticks; or (c) the dry bones.

2. True or false: Ezekiel  prophesied that Israel would become one nation, never again to be divided into two kingdoms.

3. Multiple choice: Ezekiel said what messianic king would rule forever the restored, reunited kingdoms of Israel and Judah? (a) Solomon; (b) David; or (c) Josiah.

1. (b) the two sticks (Ezek. 37: 16-19 )

2. True. ( Ezek. 37:22)

3. (b) David  (Ezek. 37:24 )

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