Friday, January 31, 2014


1. Multiple choice: After Paul and Barnabas were chased out of Pisidian Antioch by jealous Jews, they went to what city? (a) Jerusalem; (b) Iconium; or (c) Corinth.

2. In what city did Jews and Gentiles first attempt to stone Paul and Barnabas for their preaching of the gospel? (a) Paphos; (b) Lystra; or (c) Iconium.

3. When Paul and Barnabas fled Iconium because of persecution, they went to two nearby cities. What were these cities? (a) Tyre and Sidon; (b) Jerusalem and Jericho; or (c) Lystra and Derbe.

1. (b) Iconium (Acts 13:51).
2. (c) Iconium (Acts 14:1-5).
3. (c) Lystra and Derbe (Acts 14:6).


Blackberry Lane said...

Hi Patsy,
Thanks for the questions tonight.

We are warmer today. Hope you both are doing well and that you will have a nice weekend.

Love you.

Sparky said...

I am so weak with what happened where in Acts. I am going to start reading it again this weekend. Maybe I can actually get one answer correctly.
Thank you for the good lesson! ~:)