Wednesday, January 15, 2014


1. Multiple choice: Where did the disciples gather in Jerusalem while waiting for the promised  gift of the Holy Spirit? (a) In the temple; (b) in an upper room; or (c) in a synagogue.

2. On the day of  Pentecost, when the church began, there were people in Jerusalem from what geographic areas? (a) Antioch; (b) Europe; or (c) all nations.

3. Where was Peter and John going when they saw the man who was lame from birth? (a) To the Upper Room (b) to the church; or (c) to the temple

1. (b) In the upper room (Acts 1:13).
2. (c) All nations (Acts 2:5).
3. (c) To the  temple (Acts 3:1-3). The temple was a common meeting place for the early church
(Acts 2:46).

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Great questions. Hope you two have had a good day. We went out to lunch and walked thru a thrift store. A little cool/breezy today.