Tuesday, January 28, 2014


1. Multiple choice: What city in Cyprus was first to hear the gospel from Paul and Barnabas? (a) Caesarea; (b) Salamis; (c) Paphos.

2. What was the last city on Cyprus visited by Paul and Barnabas as they began their first missionary journey?  (a) Paphos; (b) Salamis; or (c) Athens.

3. In what city on Cyprus did Paul and Barnabas find the false prophet Bar-Jesus? (a) Seleucia; (b) Paphos; or (c) Salamis.

1. (b) Salamis (Acts 13:5). Salamis  was the second largest city on Cyprus, being slightly smaller than Paphos, the capital city.
2. (a) Paphos (Acts 13:6)., the Roman capital of Cyprus.
3. (b) Paphos (Acts 13:6).

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