Sunday, January 19, 2014


1. Multiple choice: When Philip left Samaria he was told to go south along a road that went from Jerusalem to what other city? (a) Gaza; (b) Tarsus ; or (c) Damascus.

2. The road that goes from Jerusalem to Gaza travels  mostly through what kind of terrain? (a) Grassy plains; (b) forest; (c) desert.

3. Where was Saul going when the risen Lord  met him with a blinding light and a voice out of heaven? (a) Jerusalem; (b) Bethany; or (c) Damascus.

1. (a) Gaza (Acts 8:26), near the cost of the Mediterranean Sea.
2. (c) Desert (Acts 8:26).
3. (c) Damascus (Acts 9:1-4).


Blackberry Lane said...

I enjoy these geography questions.

Hope you two enjoyed your Sunday.

Sunny and cool today. We enjoyed a sub sandwich for supper.

Love you.

Sparky said...

I'm terrible with Geography and apparently I need to read Acts again. Thanks for the lesson! ~:)