Friday, January 17, 2014


1. Multiple choice: Barnabas was one of the early Christians mentioned in Acts 4. He later became Paul's companion on the missionary journey into Galatia. What was the home country of Barnabas?
(a) Judea; (b) Galilee; or (c) Cyprus.

2. In Acts 7 Stephen defends the gospel message before the Jewish council. In his defense he relates Jewish history beginning with Abraham. He names the place where Abraham first lived. What is the name of that land? (a) Syria; (b) Mesopotamia; or (c) Egypt.

3. In what place did Abraham's father die? (a) Tarsus; (b) Haran; or (c) Nineveh.

1. (c) Cyprus (Acts 4:36).
2. (b) Mesopotamia (Acts 7:2).
3. (b) Haran (Acts 7:4) Haran was located in the area of what became Assyria in the times of the Kingdom of Israel. Assyria took captive the northern kingdom of Israel.

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