Thursday, January 16, 2014


1. Multiple choice: When the people who were gathered in Jerusalem for the Feast of  Pentecost heard the apostles speak the gospel in their own language, they were amazed because they recognized that the apostle were from what area of the country? (a) Galilee; (b) Judea; or (c) Samaria.

2. In Joel's prophecy, quoted by Peter in Acts 2, Joel predicts that something will be turned to blood. What is it? (a) The sun; (b) the moon; or (c) the earth

3. After Peter and John healed the lame man, the people ran to them as they stood on the porch of the temple. What was the name of the porch, which was named after one of Israel's kings? (a) David's porch; (b) Hezekiah's porch; or (c) Solomon's porch.

1. (a) Galilee (Acts 2:7). The Jews from Galilee were noted to be unlearned men with little formal education. Therefore this could not be a "natural" phenomenon.
2. (b) moon (Acts 2:20).
3. (c) Solomon's porch (Acts 3:11). Solomon's porch ran along the east side of the outer court of the temple. In the porch area, the scribes held their school and the merchants and money changers had their stalls.

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