Saturday, January 18, 2014


1. Multiple choice: Where did Philip go and preach the gospel? (a) Antioch; (b) Tarsus; (c) Samaria.

2. When persecution broke out against he church, the believers scattered into Judea and what other area? (a) Samaria; (b) Syria; or (c) Egypt.

3. Fill in the Blank: Peter and John traveled to ---------- after God had used Philip to open the area to the gospel. After they arrived, the Holy Spirit was given to the believers.

1. (c) Samaria (Acts 8:5). This marked the first time that the gospel traveled outside Judea.
2. (a) Samaria (Acts 8:1).
3. Samaria (Acts 8:14,15).


Blackberry Lane said...

I am learning a lot from these geography questions.

Cold/windy but sunny today.

We ate at a closeby Mexican restaurant and have been home since lunch. Feels good to be warm indoors!

Have a good night.

Sparky said...

I'm really enjoying these lessons! Thanks for posting them. ~:)