Sunday, December 29, 2013


1. True or false? As a result of the uproar in Ephesus over Paul's teaching, Demetrius was able to have him imprisoned.

2. Fill in the blank: The city clerk told the angry mob in Ephesus that it was common knowledge that Ephesus was the temple guardian of the great goddess --------- .

3. Multiple choice: On Paul's third missionary journey, he revisited the churches he had established in Greece. How long did he stay in Greece on that visit? (a) Six months; (b) nine months; or (c) three months.

1. False. No charges were accepted by the city clerk. (Acts 19:35-41).
2. Diana (Acts 19:35).
3. (c) Three months (Acts 20:2,3). Little is known about the churches in Greece. Response to the gospel was very small in that area.

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