Monday, December 23, 2013


1. Multiple choice: Why was Paul upset when he arrived in Athens? (a) He was tired of persecution; (b) he saw all the idols in the city; or (c) he had had a rough voyage to Athens.

2. What did Paul say about Jesus that brought a response of mockery in his message to the Areopagus?  (a) Jesus is Lord; (b) Jesus is God; or (c) Jesus was raised from the dead.

3. Fill in blanks: In Paul's famous sermon on Mar's Hill, he says about God and us, "In Him we
----------- and ----------- and --------- -------- --------."

1. (b) He saw all idols in the city (Acts 17:16).
2. (c) Jesus was raised form the dead (Acts 17:32). The resurrection of Jesus  was the crucial thing that the apostles preached throughout the book of Acts. Without the Resurrection there is no  Christianity.
3.  "Live...move...have our being" (Acts 17:28).

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