Saturday, December 28, 2013


1. Question: Two items were carried from Paul's body to the sick, and as a result, diseases left them and evil spirits went out of them. Name one of the two items used.

2. Multiple choice: Those converts in Ephesus who had practiced magic  brought all their cultic books together and burned them. How many pieces of silver were all those books worth? (a)
5,000 ; (b) 25,000; or (c) 50,000.

3. Fill in the blank: When the crowd became stirred up in Ephesus, they defended the idol they worshiped and shouted , "Great is --------- of the Ephesians."

1. Handkerchief and aprons (Acts 19: 11, 12). Luke calls this an unusual miracle (v. 11). It
was not Paul's ordinary ministry.
2. (c) 50,000 (Acts 19:19).
3. "Diana"  (Acts 19:28). Diana (also known as Artemis) was the goddess of the moon and hunting. She was usually portrayed as a huntress with dogs around her.

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