Thursday, December 12, 2013


1. Multiple choice: How were the leaders chosen for the churches that were established during the first missionary journey  of  Paul and Barnabas? (a) Church election; (b) apostolic appointment; or (c) casting  of lots.

2. True or false? After  Paul and Barnabas had completed  their missionary journey and reported to the church in Antioch, they immediately set off on another missionary trip.

3. Fill in the blank: According to Acts 15:1, certain men came to Antioch from Judea teaching that "unless you are ---------- according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be  saved."

1. (b) Apostolic appointment (Acts 14:23).
2. False. They stayed a long time in Antioch (Acts 14:28).
3. "Circumcised"  (Acts 15:1). These people were known as "Judaizers." That wanted to add certain Jewish observances along with faith in Jesus as necessary for salvation.

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