Saturday, December 14, 2013


1. Question: As a result of the Jerusalem council, gentile believers  were asked to abstain from four things that would be offensive to Jews. Name one of them.

2. Multiple choice: How many men are given by name who were to take the letter from the Jerusalem council to the church in Antioch? (a) Seven; (b) three, or (c) four.

3. What was the response of the church in Antioch upon receiving the letter from the Jerusalem council? (a) Rejoicing; (b) confusion; or (c) anger.

1. Abstain from (1) things polluted by idols; (2) sexual immorality; (3) things strangled; and (4) blood  (Acts 15:29). The prohibition against  sexual immorality was directed toward observing  certain prohibitions in Mosaic Law pertaining to marriage regulations. All Christians are to abstain from sexual perversion.
2. (c) Four (Acts 15:22).
3. (a) Rejoicing (Acts 15:31).

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