Friday, December 13, 2013


1. Multiple choice: What was the response of believers in Phoenicia and Samaria who heard of many Gentiles coming to faith in Christ? (a) Skepticism; (b) joy; or (c) anger.

2. True or false? God chose Paul to  be the first person to preach the gospel to the Gentiles.

3. Peter, speaking in the Jerusalem council, declared that the Jews from all generations have not been able to bear the yoke of the Law of Moses.

1. (b) Joy (Acts 15:3). It was only in Jerusalem and Judea that there was skepticism regarding the genuineness of the Gentiles' salvation without observing Jewish custom and law.
2. False. God  chose Peter (Acts 15:7).
3. True. (Acts 15:10. Paul argues in both Romans and Galatians that the Law was given to show us our sinfulness and inability, not to save us.

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