Wednesday, December 18, 2013


1.Multiple choice: What practical response did Lydia show as a result of her salvation? (a) She gave money to Paul; (b) she opened her home to Paul ;or (c) she gave some money to build a church in Philippi.

2. Lydia was one of the first converts to Christianity in Philippi. What was her occupation? (a) She made pottery; (b) she sold purple cloth or (c) she made  clothing.

3. In Philippi a certain slave girl followed Paul and his companions . What else distinguished her?
(a) She sold purple cloth; (b) she was possessed by a spirit of divination; or (c) she made clothing for the poor.

1. (b) She opened her home to Paul (Acts 16:14, 15).  This Philippian hospitality and generosity toward Paul continued throughout his ministry (cf. Phil. 4:15).
2. (b) She sold purple cloth (Acts 16:14).
3. (b) She was possessed by a spirit of divination (Acts 16:16).

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