Monday, October 14, 2013

Acts ofthe Apostles-people

1. Multiple choice: What was the name of the proconsul in Paphos who wanted to hear the word of God from Saul and Barnabas? (a) Simon Bar-Jonah; (b) Sergius Paulus; or (c) Lucius.

2. What was the name of the false prophet in Paphos who opposed Saul and Barnabas? (a) Simon; (b) Bar-Jesus; or (c) Bar-Jonah.

3. Who was called a "son of the devil" by Saul while ministering in Paphos? (a) Elymas; (b) Lucius; or (c) Sergius.

1. (b) Sergius Paulus  (Acts 13:7) A proconsul was the governor of a province. Sergius Paulus was the highest government official on Cyprus.
2. (b) Bar-Jesus (Acts 13:13:6-8).
3. (a) Elymas (also called Bar-Jesus) (Acts 13:8-10. He was also called a false prophet (v. 6) and a sorcerer (v. 8).

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