Thursday, October 24, 2013

Acts Of the Apostles

1.  True or false? Judas was one of the leading men in the church at Jerusalem.

2. Multiple choice: Who started out with Paul on his second missionary journey? (a) Timothy; (b) Barnabas; or (c) Silas.

3. Who had a Jewish  believer for a mother and a Greek for a father? (a) Philemon; (b) Titus; or (c)Timothy.

1. True (Acts 15:22). (The Council's  Letter to Gentile Believers).
This is not the same Judas that was among the apostles in the Upper Room at the last Passover
(John 14:22).
2. (c) Silas (Acts 15:40). Disagreement Between Paul and Barnabas). Silas was a leading man in the church in Jerusalem before going with Paul (v. 22).
3. (c) Timothy ( Acts 16:1). (Timothy Joins Paul and Silas). Later, Timothy was Paul's special representative at Ephesus to guard proper teaching in the church. Paul  addressed him as a son and obviously had a strong affection for him.

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