Saturday, October 19, 2013

Acts of the Apostles-People

1. Fill in the blanks: In Paul's sermon in Acts 13, he quotes Psalm 16:10 in reference to Jesus. That psalm says, "You will not allow Your ---------- ---------- to see corruption."

2. Multiple choice: Who healed a man crippled from birth in the city of Lystra? (a) Peter; (b) Paul; or
(c) John.

3. Who was called "Zeus" by the people of Lystra after Paul's healing of a man crippled from birth?
(a) Paul; (b) Barnabas; or (c) Silas.

1. "Holy One" (Acts 13:35). Paul points out that David had died, was buried, and "saw corruption" (v. 36). Therefore David could not have been speaking of himself. It must refer to one who was resurrected- Jesus.
2. (b) Paul (Acts 14: 8-10). Peter performed a similar miracle in Acts 3.
3. (b) Barnabas (Acts 14:12).

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