Thursday, October 31, 2013

Acts of the Apostles

1. Question: Who was called a "babbler" by the philosophers in Athens?

2. Two schools of philosophers are named as being present at Athens. Name one of them.

3. Multiple choice: What member of the Areopagus became a believer in response to  Paul's massage? (a) Demetrius; (b) Gamaliel; or (c) Dionysius.

1. Paul (Acts 17:16-18). Paul was not afraid to confront people with the gospel regardless of their education or receptivity to his message.
2. The Epicurean and Stoic (Acts 17:18). The Epicureans regarded the world as the result of random motion. They sought to achieve happiness by detachment from life. The Stoic taught that happiness was gained by living in harmony with the natural order of the universe.
3.(c) Dionysius (Acts 17:34).

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