Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Acts of the Apostles-people

1. Multiple choice: Who was struck blind by God through Paul during Paul's ministry on Cyprus?
(a) Simon the sorcerer; (b) Alexander the coppersmith; or (c) Elymas the sorcerer.

2. Who left Paul and Barnabas at Perga and went back to Jerusalem? (a) Silas; (b) Luke; or (c) John.

3. A sorcerer was struck blind because he perverted  the way of the Lord. Who came to faith as a result of the miracle? (a) Crispus Gaius; (b) Sergius  Paulus; or (c) Julius Caesar.

1. (c) Elymas the sorcerer (Acts 13:8-11).
2. (c) John (Acts 13:13).
3. (b) Sergius Paulus (Acts 13:6-12).

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Blackberry Lane said...

Hi Patsy,
Thank you for sharing tonight's questions.
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We had a better day today.