Saturday, October 12, 2013

Acts of the Apostles-people

1. Multiple choice: When Peter was released from prison in Acts 12, he went to the home of a woman named Mary. How is she further identified? (a) as the mother of Jesus; (b) as the mother of John Mark ; or (c) as Mary Magdalene.

2. How many squads  of soldiers did Herod command to guard Peter after he had arrested the apostle? (a) Six; (b) twelve; or (c) four.

3. After being released from prison by an angel, Peter went to certain house. Who answered the door when Peter knocked? (a) Mary; (b) Martha; or (c) Rhoda.

!. (b) As the mother of John Mark (Acts 2:11,12). Mary had opened  her home to the church in Jerusalem as a place of meeting.
2. (c) Four (Acts 12:3,4).
3. (c) Rhoda  (Acts 12:13).  Rhoda means "Rose."

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